Yapple Dapple Skateshop Local Skatepark Guide and Southfields!

Yapple Dapple Skateshop Local Skatepark Guide and Southfields!

Skateparks in and around Loughborough

So you want to get rolling or you just want to know where the spot is. Here we will run down some of our favourite skateparks.

Firstly why a skatepark?

So you could just roll in the street or maybe get into a carpark when it's wet, but eventually you will want to use some obstacles or more varied terrain. Skateparks are also where you will find transition based elements like miniramps and bowls, which unless you are lucky enough to know someone with a ramp, as skatepark is where to go. You will also meet like minded people who will encourage you and help you along your journey!

Will I need to be able to skate to visit a skatepark?

Everyone starts somewhere and the amount of 'stoke' skaters get from seeing 'groms' drop-in for the first time or pop that first ollie is exactly the same as when they see a Pro skater hit the rail with a combo of mind bending ability or slap the coping while destroying the bowl! The terminology will also become second nature!

Where are the Skateparks?

Right here in Loughorough we have 2 outdoor concrete skateparks that are free to use and open all year, although during the Autumn and Winter months these can get wet! Slightly further a field we have a handful of indoor skateparks that can be used all year round and will more than likely get quieter during the summer months and busier during winter - the indoor skateparks do need your support all year round though, so pay them a visit and keep them going during the quiet times!

For information on local skateparks around Loughborough click HERE!

Southfields Skatepark

The first of the 2 in Loughborough is Southfields, this is in Southfields park and can be found with postcode LE11 2AQ.

Southfields Skatepark Loughborough

Southfields is all concrete. Features include a large bowl with 2 depths and joined by hips. The shallow end of the bowl connects via a spine to the street section which features a pyramid hip, quarter pipe with bowled corner, square rail and some cool ledges.

Sothfields Skatepark Loughborough Yapple Dapple Skateshop

There is also a nice large bank with Jersey Barrier and round rail with another small quarter pipe. The park was extended in 2019 and retains it's original feel with a bank to curb as well as a pump bump and interesting whippy corner.

<em>For information on local skateparks around Loughborough click</em> <strong><a href="https://www.yappledappleskateshop.co.uk/pages/events-and-blogs" target="_blank" title="Yapple Dapple Guide to Local Skateparks" rel="noopener noreferrer">HERE</a></strong>!

The park is distinct in that it still features elements that give it an almost DIY feel (Jersey barrier on the bank and the whippy little quarter on the new section). There is something here for everyone and conveniently it is just 8 minutes away from Yapple Dapple, so if you flat spot a wheel, snap a board or pop a bearing we can hook you up!

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