Skater Of The Year winners deck.

Skater Of The Year winners deck.

Skater Of The Year - SOTY. Winners prize deck.

As part of our monthly Game of S.K.A.T.E. participants get points and these will be totalled up at the end of the year to find our SOTY.

As a prize for the SOTY we have had this awesome deck produced by a local student and artist Roy Kelly.


This came about after Roy came in Yapple Dapple and we had a good chat about what he's studying and his heritage as an artist. I told him one of my fun facts that the Carillon Tower in Queens park is actually a giant instrument. With bells at the top in honour of the fallen soldiers and a keyboard at the bottom.

We then talked about producing a one-off piece as a prize for our SOTY and Roy has killed it with this deck. 

Featuring a Goblin playing the Carillon so hard that he tower is exploding, accompanied by some gremlins in the works - looks RAD with some cool details.

I love it and as a prize it really sums up skateboarding and a local landmark!

You can find out more about Roy Kelly and his artwork by visiting his Instagram HERE 

You can buy artwork by Roy HERE


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