Yapple Dapple Sk8 Olympics. Go Skateboarding Day 2023.

Yapple Dapple Sk8 Olympics. Go Skateboarding Day 2023.

Yapple Dapple Sk8 Olympics

As far as I know this is the first Go Skateboarding Day Jam in Loughborough.

June 21st from 4pm with first thing happening at around 5pm!

So what is 'Go Skateboarding Day' anyway? In true form it is a celebration of skateboarding that has drifted over the pond from America; a bit like Prom night and Black Friday! A lot of people would argue that every day is Go Skate Day... but not all of us - even those who sit in Skate Shops all day - can go skate every day! So, for 1 day a year there is no excuse to dust off the giggle stick and go for a roll!

Yapple Dapple Go Sk8 Olympics is how I'd like to do it, as we all know Skateboarding is an Olympic sport now...right?!

skateboarding Olympics loughborough

Personally I like Skateboarding in the Olympics, but I also prefer a loose Jam format, which is how the Yapple Dapple Sk8 Olympics will go down.

'Poorly organised and ill-conceived' is the tag line and the main aim is to have some fun while enjoying Go Skate Day.

We have a few jams ready to roll - what is a 'Jam'?!

Rather than a competition with boring rules and a need to keep score (not my strong point) a Jam is basically a good session in the skatepark with random prizes given out - everyone stands a chance to bag some swag!

Sk8 Olympics will feature (depending on numbers):

High Jump, Long Jump, Pool Party, Death Race and possibly more!

We are very thankful to have some great sponsors for the event!

Skateboard Cafe

Film Trucks

Wayward Wheels

Sketti Butta

The Hardware Company

Independent Trucks


Santa Cruz

Plan Burrito

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