Yapple Dapple Skateshop guide to getting that first skateboard.

Yapple Dapple Skateshop guide to getting that first skateboard.

What is the right thing to do?

I get asked all the time "I want to get my kid/friend into skating, but I have no idea what to get them!"

For most people these days that want to get into skating, you will probably get a complete set-up, ready to roll. Now this might be a wooden popsicle complete or a plastic Penny style board... but which is right? More importantly does it matter?

Yapple Dapple Skateshop Penny Skateboard

When you first want to get rolling you will need to find your balance and more importantly to enjoy yourself, so whatever you get your hands on to use, it will need to feel right under the feet.

When standing on the deck ideally you want you feet over the bolts at shoulder width and without your feet dangling over the edges - so not too narrow!


There are definitely advantages to starting out on a classic Popsicle (Pop) shape. These are called popsicles because, well they look like popsicle/lolly pop sticks! Fairly symmetrical in shape at first glance with a rounded nose (The front) and tail (The back). However the nose is usually a little longer.

Yapple Dapple Skateshop complete skateboard
Popsicles are your standard modern skateboard. The popsicle shape first started developing around the 1990's following the symmetrical BarnYard deck. 
The straight shape and nose/tail open the deck up to a host of tricks and are great for beginners and Pro's alike. That said, most tricks were created on the old school shapes and these have made a comeback over the last few years with older skaters looking for nostalgia and the great feel of a bigger shaped deck.
Shaped decks!
I often get asked "Why is your skateboard a funny shape?". So, you guessed it, I usually ride a shaped deck. 
One of my personal favourite shapes is the Welcome Slappy slap. at 9.5 wide it does what it says on the tin and rides like a Big Boy!
Unfortunately Welcome haven't released a deck in this shape for some time.
What are the benefits of a bigger shaped deck?
Bigger shaped decks definitely lend themselves to some styles of skating. Slapping curbs or bowl skating for example is usually on a big fat deck or something with a shape. I personally prefer the feel and these days, now I'm old and slightly more rounded... I don't tend to do many tricks but I do still like to blast around a bowl. That's not to say you can't flip a big shaped deck, if you have the skills to pay the bills!
Heroin Skateboards due a range of decks in 'Egg' shapes and have the aptly named 'Curb Killer' which is ideal for skating the local curb spot!
So, where to start?!
I will always recommend for someone starting out our buying for their child/friend to go for a complete set up on a popsicle. These come ready to roll and don't break the budget. With all the completes we sell, the trucks and wheels are good quality, so if it goes well then it's easy to upgrade the deck to something a little more on-trend or to personal taste! 
Still a little unsure?
I'm always available to go through the benefits of building up a custom deck for you, buying one of our pre-built customs or a ready out the box completes. Just pop in and have a chat!
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