Skate Parlour, Leicester.

Skate Parlour, Leicester.

Skate Parlour is Leicestershire's only indoor skatepark and can be found at: 

Skate Parlour, Unit 32, Burgess Road, Leicester, LE2 8QL

Skate Parlour was set up by Yusra and Lily who are the founders of Mama Skate CIC. Before embarking on the the set up at Skate Parlour they had already done some great work in Leicester with Mama Skate, hosting Girls sessions and creative workshops for marginalised groups.

Skate Parlour is approximately 5000 square feet in size and the space has been used really well, catering for all skill levels from beginners to more advanced skaters.

The open plan skatepark features a bank and quarter pipe by the entrance, flanked by a bar area where you can get hot and cold drinks and snacks. They also stock a good selection of skateboard decks and some hardware.

The main park is a nice sized area of fully ply lined flat. On either side of this there is another quarter pipe as well as a mellow hip and hubba. They also have a feature I love which is a good selection of different ledges and rails that can be brought out and moved around

We then have my 2 favourite bits! An 8 ft wide and 2 ft high microramp which is fantastic for getting used to transition. This can also be skated directly into via the bank next to it which shares a transition and allows more advanced skaters to open up extra lines.

At the far end of the skatepark there is a great 16 ft wide and 4ft high miniramp - lovely!

The miniramp also has quarter pipes coming off of it which again opens up lines for the more experienced skater - so something for everyone!

The girls have done and awesome job here and give the Skate Parlour a really welcoming vibe.

During school holidays they run skate camps and during term time they host a free 'Mind your head' session as well as various other events and even market days! They have also produced there own skate school book which is rad!

Anyone that has been in to Yapple Dapple will know that I recommend Skate Parlour. Definitely worth a visit or booking a Private Hire! For up to date info on opening times etc give their instagram a follow HERE

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